Message from the Manager

支配人 角替 晃

President Akira Tsunogae ( Japanese Tea instructor ) KANEMO co. ltd since 1872 ( Tea Manufacturer )

May I start to describe our standpoint of green tea produce process? 1. Oxidized tea is called black tea in India. 2. Half oxidized tea is called Chinese tea. 3.  Japanese green tea is made without oxidization to stop the work of enzyme. So green tea can keep own vitamins which is good for health and color of tealeaf does not lose chlorophyll. 1. Farmers cultivate tea farm and pick up tea leaves in May. Farmers transport tea leaves immediately to tea factory which is organized by partnership. Tea leaves are made to half manufactured goods. 2. We are called wholesale dealer who taste, estimate, and judge the price of tea and make final manufactured goods. We conserve them for some retail dealer in warehouse. 3. We have two warehouse which keep 5℃. The one can conserve tea 250000kg. The other can conserve 50000kg. The producing capacity of our factory manages 3500㎏ per day tea. ☆The idea of Kanemo Ltd. 2.good taste 3.reasonable price. It is simple, easy to say but difficult to realize it in the actuality.   ☆The third president of Kanemo is 98years old. He drinks green tea five cups a day and writes what he thinks with a pencil by using fingers, the reason why green tea leads his brain to active life. He is a good exemplification of the effect of green tea. Finally he is the first man who begun to use nitrogen gas to keep green tea fresh for taking away oxygen over fifty five years ago in Japan.