How to drink green tea

Temperature of water 80℃ use after boiled

1 person tea leaf 4 or 5 grams. quantity of water 80cc.
3 persons tea leaf 8 or 9 grams. quantity of water 240cc.
Time of exudation 1 minute.

We will get effect of EGCG(epigallocatechingalleto).
It works to stop inflammation, cancer and antioxidation

Chilled mineral water

1 person tea leaf 4 or 5grams.
Quantity of tea leaf depends on liking.
Tea will exude in chilled water. It takes time.
So we revolve tea pot about ten times, and we wait 2 or 3minutes. We appreciate chilled green tea.

We will get effect of EGC(epigallocatechin).
It works to give us effective immunity and antioxidation.

※green tea is not oxidized. When you open the seal, please keep out oxygen as possible.