Store of KANEMO
  • The state in the store
  • The state in the store

KANEMO co. Ltd. since 1872 has an idea to provide good taste, full bodied green tea. To produce deep taste tea is cultivated in healthy tea farm. Therefor we manage to make tea farm well and we produce organic tea. Since foundation 1872 we suffered from earthquake 1923 and financial panic 1930. So history of our company is not flat. We tried to be honest and trust was first. We must listen to the voice of consumer. 3 principles of KNEMO 1.good taste 2.safety 3.reasonable price.

The idea of Kanemo Ltd.

  1. safety
  2. good taste
  3. reasonable price.

It is simple, easy to say but difficult to realize it in the actuality.

Factory 500㎡2F
  • Warehouse with air-conditioning. Two  houses 400㎡ and 200㎡
  • Tea firing machine
  • Tea firing machine
  • Tea firing machine
  • Tasting

Factory 500㎡2F Equipment  Tea refining machine By automation 3000kg/1day By craftsman 300kg/1day Tea firing machine 6 Tea blender 2.5t 4, 1t 1, 500kg 2 Warehouse with air-conditioning Two houses 400㎡ and 200㎡

Company Name KANEMO co. ltd
Manager Manager Akira Tsunogae (certified tea instructor)
Address 70 Kakegawa Kakegawa-city Shizuoka prefecture Zip code. 436-0079
Tel / Fax Tel 0537-22-3145 / Fax 0537-22-3147
E-mail ocha@kanemo.co.jp


  • 1872

    foundation the first president Mosaku Tsunogae

  • 1926

    the second president Seiichiro Tsunogae systematized KANEMO

  • 1951

    the third president Shigeji Tsunogae changed ultimate partnership to company limited.

  • 1956

    air conditioned warehouse was constructed by Shgeji.

    It is the first warehouse in Kakegawa city.

  • 1958

    anned green tea conserved without oxygen was developed and sold by Shigeji.

    It is the first innovation to keep freshness of green ta in Japan.

  • 1967

    the second air conditioned warehouse(400㎡×2F) was built

  • 1970

    the new tea factory(500㎡×2F) was built

  • 1981

    the fourth president Akira Tsunogae

  • 1983

    the third air conditioned warehouse(400㎡×2F)

  • 1994

    the store of green tea for consumer was open

  • 2003

    Acquired ISO9001 certification

  • 2006

    Certified plant for organically grown food

Prize Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
1964, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1984
Prize Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
1972, 1984